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      Gucci's Jackie 1961 more desired than ever: here are her interpretations over the years

      Gucci's Jackie 1961 it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and loved bags in the world, symbol of an entire generation and first in the ranking in the wish list from the sixties to today.

      IMG_5149 Probably not everyone knows its history: it is 1961 when it is presented for the first time, with its sinuous curve and golden carabiner closure, also called "piston": it immediately becomes a cult piece so much so that we will see it on the arm of one of the most powerful and memorable women of all time, Jacqueline Kennedy, from which it takes its modern name since before it was called Fifties Constance.


      The bag makes its decisive return during the 2019, which has crowned her favorite of the new generations. In between, a continuous race towards The immortal success: three major reissues – 1999, 2009 and 2019 – each of them absolutely winning.IMG_5151A bag that is a certainty, and to confirm it are all the models produced over the years that have never affected the essence of the latter: the classic version, in leather with the iconic green and red band, who loved so much the great stars of the past – in addition to the First Lady also Britt Ekland, Barbra Streisand, Peter Sellers and Samuel Beckett – or its first major reinterpretation, under the creative direction of Tom Ford, when the Jackie 1961 acquires a more fashionable touch and welcomes the years two thousand with a more piston Slim and hidden seams.

      Not even a decade later the bag is again subjected to small, but significant, novelties: it becomes larger and changes skin, experimenting with bamboo, python and ostrich – for this reason it is also renamed New Jackie-. 2014 is an important year for the stock exchange, which returns to be talked about thanks to a strategic advertising with Kate Moss. There is a cry of the phenomenon, and the Millennials They are bewitched. The formalization of the new 2.0 success of the Jackie 1961 is in 2019 with the collection Chateau Marmont Collection, which sends a clear message: the bag is and always has been genderless.IMG_5152And despite the fact that 2023 has only started a couple of months ago, already the Jackie 1961 promises to become the Protagonist of the year. Gucci in fact presents a new drop that certainly pays tribute to the iconic designer bag: this time the face is the American actress Dakota Johnson who, in addition to being the new testimonial, showed off a mini Jackie 1961 with a chain shoulder strap in a moment of everyday life in Los Angeles.IMG_5145The collection is available in three sizes: mini, small and medium, always characterized by the essential lines that highlight the exclusive piston closure and the quality of the materials, whether it is natural full-grain leather, patent leather or fine leather, or even the emblematic GG Supreme fabric.IMG_5148

      Gucci's Jackie 1961 has become a timeless style icon, loved by fashionistas around the world and women who value quality and elegance. The bag has proven to be able to withstand fashions and adapt to changes in taste, reconfirming itself each time as a fashion classic.IMG_5147Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for continuous updates on news related to the fashion world and don't miss any of the new arrivals in the store! What are you waiting for?

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