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      How to use your Hermès bag without damaging it

      One topic that is often discussed among Hermes collectors is whether or not it is prudent to use your own bags and, if so, how often and on what occasions. Many collectors insist that The real purpose of a bag is to be used And they would never buy a bag they wouldn't use. Others prefer keep their valuable collection in top condition, out of personal preference or with an eye to future value. Here we give you some tips on how to best use your bag without abusing it:

      Twilly the handlesIMG_3088

      Often at Hermes, when a Birkin or Kelly is purchased, the salesperson will offer to wrap an accompanying Twilly around the handle. The thin piece of printed silk is the perfect length for this task and protects the underlying skin from oils and other damage caused by the hand. Choose the Twilly perfect to combine with a bag is in itself an art form, not unlike the possibility of tying them perfectly, on which Hermes sales staff train extensively. Of course you don't need to use a Hermes Twilly, any long piece of silk of other material will do just as well.

      Always use an insert

      One of the main signs of use that Birkins and Kellys will show after a short time is the internal dent. Small shallow grooves form at the base due to the pressure of things like wallets, phones, keys, and anything else that may be inside. That's why Hermès enthusiasts everywhere agree on the prudence of using a Bag insert. It not only protects against dents, but also from pen marks and spills that may occur accidentally. It also makes it extremely easy to Transfer all your belongings to another bag. Hermes makes inserts, but most people agree that they are not worth the price. Garde Robe inserts They are available in custom sizes for each Birkin and Kelly size and offer structure, protection and pocket space.

      To plastic? Or not plastic?

      Whether or not to remove plastic from the hardware of a new bag is another big question Hermès collectors are divided on. Some say that Keeping plastic for too long runs the risk of a bag tarnishing due to moisture trapped between the metal and plastic. Others insist that Even bulk plastic protects against light surface scratches found on almost all used bags. One consensus, however, is that pristine hardware is always preferred.


      Do not neglect your feet!

      A newer product was born to protect the metal feet on Birkins and Kelly. Essentially Tiny rubber cups that cover the metal fittings serve to keep intact even the most invisible pieces of the hardware. Scratched feet are often the only thing that doesn't detract from the appeal of an otherwise new bag, as even the plastic that gets on the feet does little to protect them.

      Save your shoulder strap, use a chain

      When it comes to Kelly accessories, A perfect shoulder strap goes a long way. Consider keeping your shoulder strap intact and using a chain instead. With finishes that match any Hermes hardware and various sizes to choose from, this small replacement could keep your bag accessories fresh for years and help maintain the value of your favorite piece.


      Keep the lock at home

      Although the lock and cloquette hanging from the handle of a Birkin or Kelly can be part of the iconic "look" of the bag, The padlock itself can easily damage the bag on which it hangs. We would not even recommend hanging the lock on the spindle, as this will inevitably develop what is called a swing mark underneath. Instead, opt for a soft and light pendant like a Rodeo or Buddy pendant. The soft lambskin will not damage any material and you will be able to keep that lock and cloquettes in excellent condition.


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